DansVariation in English


DansVariation is inclusive dance and leadership. 

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Stockholm runs DansVariation which is aimed at people with intellectual disabilities.

We offer dance activities, courses and workshops held by our dance leaders with disabilities.

During the years 2018 -2021 DansVariation was a project with funding from Allmänna Arvsfonden  that Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan run in collaboration with Teater Sláva.

The project created a platform for dancers with disabilities to develop their dance skills as well as gain leadership skills in order to teach others. These dance leaders create new role models, which can empower people, promote self-confidence and a greater independence.

In a health perspective DansVariation offers opportunities for physical activity based on joy, body awareness and expression. We also raise the question of norm and inclusion in dance and the arts and challenge stereotypes about what dance is and who can dance.

Our 4 goals

Develop a working method in dance and leadership for people with learning disabilities

Offer dance teacher training for people with learning disabilities

Offer dance activities for people with learning disabilities and form new dance groups

Create a cultural work agency together with the project KulturBYRÅkraterna

Cecilia Tzaou

project leader, educator

Viktoria Siwek

project leader, educator

Maria af Klintberg

actor Teater Sláva
dance leader training

Elin Tisell

actor Teater Sláva
dance leader training

We collaborate with

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We attended dance leader training

Our dance leaders spread joy, knowledge and energy with their dance workshops on conferences, training courses, festivals and other events. Contact us if you are a business or organization that is interested in a dance workshop.

Malin Nord
Niklas Hjelmvik
Josefin Jacobsson
Sofia Wittmark
Manar Girgis
Erik Dyrssen
Mamie Jappah
Göran Utas
Carolina Contreras
Shayan Parvaneh
Tania Izumi
Annika Thingvall
Pablo de Acha